Morgan County, Alabama - Probate Office

Notice to Alabama Medicaid Agency in All Decedents’ Estates

Posted: 05-17-2023

Beginning September 1, 2019, immediately upon issuance of letters testamentary or of administration, or the filing of a petition for summary distribution of a small estate under Ala. Code § 43-2-692, the following procedure shall be followed:

1. Notice of Appointment. A notice of the appointment as personal representative shall be sent to the Alabama Medicaid Agency in the form attached.

2. Address for Notice. Check to see if the Alabama Medicaid Agency has promulgated a rule to designate an address to send the notice. If no rule has been adopted designating a different address, the notice shall be mailed to

Alabama Medicaid Agency

Attn: Estate Notice Office

P.O. Box 5624

Montgomery, AL 36103-562

3. Mode of Delivery. The notice shall be mailed by

     (a)  United States Postal Service.

     (b)  Certified Mail.

            (1)  with instructions to forward

            (2)  return receipt requested

     (c)  The return receipt shall:

            (1)  be addressed to the probate court;

            (2)  include the case number; and

            (3)  direct the postal carrier to show:

                   (A)   to whom delivered,

                   (B)   date delivered, and

                   (C)   address where delivered.

4. Filing with Probate Court. Immediately upon mailing the Notice to Alabama Medicaid Agency an affidavit in the form attached shall be filed with the probate court.

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