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Welcome to the Morgan County Probate Court's Election Information page, your on-line resource for information on registration, voting, candidates, campaigns finance filings, and much more.

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The Judge of Probate is the Chief Election Officer of Morgan County. The Judge of Probate serves, along with the Sheriff of Morgan County and the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Morgan County, as chairman of the boards which oversee the election process in Morgan County and appoints all local election officials.

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Sample Ballots can be viewed in "Documents" under the "Morgan County Voters Resources" TAB.

JULY 15th 2014 PRIMARY RUNOFF ELECTION RESULTS (click links below):

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Below are links to Voter resources for Morgan County and Alabama voters provided to you courtesy of the State of Alabama.

Below are links to Candidate resources for Morgan County.  They are provided to you courtesy of the Probate Department and the Morgan County Commission.